iPods in Education: Starter Kit (part 1)

Sep 13, 2010

As an instructional technology coach, I am always looking for apps with educational value. Mobile devices definitely have a place in education and by providing teachers with a wealth of apps early on, hopefully their students will utilize the full potential of these tools. These apps are what I load on our districts iPods carts before they roll into schools. These apps allow students to create their own content, research information, share resources among students, and participate in educational gaming. (Note: This list was designed for use with middle school learners)

Animoto Videos

create MTV style slideshows…



mark directly on maps, photos, etc…



share resources between iPods by bumping them together…


Comic Touch

Place labels on pictures or diagrams or add captions to a historical photo…


World Customs & Cultures

Understand the world better by comparing your way of life to that of another country… some very interesting things in this app…. great ideas for lesson “hooks”…


Dragon Dictation

You talk, it types…


Dictionary! by Wordset

If you dont know what a dictionary is by now, then apparently you have missed the last couple hundred years of history….. ps: Elvis is dead.. sorry…



Easy way for students to turn their iPod work in… all you need to do is download a single folder at the end of the day…


Easy Chart

Create simple bar, line, or pie graphs…



Share class information, links, polls, in a safe and easy way…


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