Jun 2, 2011

So I have tried a few apps that have totally gotten my attention. These apps are well worth the time and so worth your hard earned money! Please enjoy my rants and raves on my top picks.


Wow what can I say, this game is truly addicting. Tower Defense Lost Earth HD is such the best buy..ever.


Gun Bros

Well…I cant seem to stop playing this game. I love the double xp weekends and xplodium. This game is too great to be free..


South Park Mega Millionaire

this game makes me want to scream all kinds of obscene words! totally fun game.


Restaurant Story

game is pretty fun, its good until the dishes are done, then I cook something else and check back in like 2 days.


Burger Queen

So making fast food for hungry people is not an easy task, but its fun and somewhat time consuming.


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