iPhone Must Haves

Aug 15, 2010

These are the iOS applications I find indispensable.


Unavoidable I guess. Most of my friends are on Facebook.



Self explanatory. It is the most stable Twitter client for the iOS devices.


Bejeweled 2 + Blitz

The Blitz mode is perfect for time spent waiting for other people or meetings to start.



Reeder allows me easy and fast access to Google Reader on my iPhone 3GS.



I continue to have fun with this app, many months after I bought it. Highly recommended.


Articles for iPhone

I get my Wikipedia kick via this app with its beautiful typography.



An awesome application to search and obtain obscure scientific and mathematical facts.



Allows me to read all the stuff I archive to Instapaper. I found it so indispensable that I paid for the app.


SoundHound ∞ hands-free with “OK Hound” | Search, Discover and Play Music

An awesome application to identify that mysterious song that keeps stuck in your head.


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