iPhone Apps That Make A Difference

Mar 21, 2010

While the iPhone may be a source of distraction and procrastination for some, for others it encourages users to be proactive and social good. This list highlights a handful of apps that are doing their part in making the world a better place.

Give Work

Give Work is a joint project between crowdsourcing platform CrowdFlower and the non-profit Samasource. The goal is to train the less fortunate in Africa and elsewhere in quality assurance. They’ve combined crowdsourcing and mobile technology to provide income for thousands of African refugees as well as providing value to thousands of companies that need to execute low-level tasks.


MyBabyTree – Plant a tree with WWF Indonesia

MyBabyTree costs $8.99. Now that’s a hefty price for an iPhone app, but the purchase results in a tree being planted in Rinjani National Park in Lombok, Indonesia. $8.99 pays for the seed, land, nursery, planting and maintenance. They even give you details so you can watch from Google Earth.


The Extraordinaries

This free app provides a list of non-profit organizations and tasks, which should take no more than a few minutes to complete. Tasks have included tagging images for the Dutch National Archive as well as writing notes of encouragement to children studying to break out of poverty.


DV Awareness

DV Awareness encourages you to virtually display a purple ribbon. When opened, a fact about domestic violence will pop up. There are 31 facts total. Each time a fact pops up, you’ll have the option to either dismiss it or make a tax deductible donation to People Against a Violent Environment (PAVE.)



CauseWorld is a way for advertisers to turn their marketing dollars into charitable donations. This app is similar to Foursquare in that it uses your phone’s GPS to locate your whereabouts and lets you check in. Though instead of just checking in, you’re earning karma points that can be later “cashed” in and a donation will be made to a charity of your choice. This app provides a feed so you can see what people around you are donating to as well as the different types of badge they’ve earned.

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