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Jan 14, 2011

syncing with iTunes today my iPhone sort of spazzed out for a moment and I thought I was going to have to go through my (very long) list of apps and reinstall them. During this process I started thinking about the iPhone apps I use everyday and I came up with…

Twittelator Pro for Twitter

first thing I do when I wake up is check my email. second – check twitter. I’ve been on twitter since 2007. I’ve tried various twitter apps and this is still my favorite. Well worth the money.



when you work in social media (ok even if you don’t) Facebook is part of your daily life


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

any time I have an idea, something I need to remember, to look up an idea I had the other day I go to Evernote. All my notes sync across all my devices thanks to Evernote.


Bizzy for iPhone

about mid-day when it’s time to decide where to go to lunch bizzy.com or the Bizzy iPhone app help me decide where to go



and while I’m at lunch (and dinner) I must share photos of my food. I also use instragram to share fun/random photos of my cat, my shoes, signs, and other randomness



we are in the days of the check-in craze. I checkin through Gowalla and Foursquare (both through the gowalla app)


tvtag – formerly GetGlue

in addition to checking into places I check-in to tv shows and movies. GetGlue shares what I’m watching with Facebook/Twitter


MobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader

I read many blogs and almost daily I read at least a few. I’ve tried several iPhone RSS readers and I’ve been most happy with MobileRSS because of it’s integration with several other sites including Evernote and Instapaper

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Remember The Milk

my favorite productivity to-do list resource. Like Evernote RTM works from various places – the app, the web version and email being the ones I use the most


White Noise

I fall asleep to the white noise app – ready to start the process all over again


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