iPhone Apps from my Favorite Women’s Interest Magazines

Sep 28, 2010

Fashion, beauty, style, health, fitness – I dig a variety of women’s interest magazines for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I want brain candy. That’s what Cosmo’s for. And sometimes I want motivation to get to the gym, and that’s when I pick up Women’s Health. This list is a handful of my favorite magazines that also have iPhone apps out there.

Cosmopolitan’s Sex Position of the Day

Cosmo’s long been known for their “HOW TO TURN HIM ON” type headlines on their cover of just about every single issue ever published. Download this app if you just can’t wait for the Top 10 Ways to… Fil-in-the-blank and test out these positions. I dare you to try one a day for a whole year.



Bringing yoga to your iPhone, this app includes sequences to help with stress relief, weigh loss, core strengthening, and any other reason we choose yoga for physical and mental (and spiritual and emotional) fitness.


Glamour Magazine

Download (purchase) and read this month’s issue, straight from your iPhone. To be honest, rumor has it this app is better on the iPad (bigger screen), but if you’re a Glamour fan without the tablet, this is a must-have… or a DO, as they’d say.


Women’s Health Workouts

16 complete workouts and 130 exercises – this app helps create and track a custom workout program for you – right from your phone.


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