iPhone Apps for Veterinarians

Jun 18, 2010

All of this information should be in your head if you’re a vet, but sometimes it needs to be refreshed. Get your head out of your books and check out your iPhone.

Pet First Aid: for Your Dog, Cat, Puppy, or Kitten

Covers a variety of situations, including bleeding, drowning, choking, poisoning and heatstroke. Features detailed lists, video tutorials and extra diagrams and links to more information.


Pet Health (Medical Diary and Log)

track all the medical information for your pets. Keeps track of multiple pets, including appointment information, height, weight, breed, DOB, microchip #, list of medications/allergies/conditions/vaccinations. Also offers the ability to email pet data to your vet.


A Vet Tool

Features 5 applications, including small animal drug formulary with over 650 drugs, common blood value lab results, a collection of x-ray comparisons, a variety of calculators (math, conversions, age, gestation, fluid rate, dosage and conversion from weight into body surface), and a notepad.


All Pets Radio Player

This streaming radio station broadcasts news, resources, tips and interesting tidbits of information on all types of pets at all hours of the day.


Pet Acoustics

This radio station was designed to calm and soothe your pet. The music was created specifically for the hearing sensitivities of your dog, cat or even horse!


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