iPhone Apps for Vegetarians

Feb 4, 2011

As someone who east primarily (though not exclusively) vegetarian, these apps are amazing.

VegOut – Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

Uses GPS to find you and then locate local vegetarian restaurants near you. Also includes vegan restaurants and places with veg-friendly options. HUGELY helpful.

This is also an AWESOME app if you’re traveling and exploring new places, or in my case – just moved somewhere new.



Ever wondered what produce is in season? This app tells you – includes links to Epicurious if you want to see recipes. LOVE this.

What’s in season in Portland right now? Well, according to this app, nothing – but rhubarb is coming soon! I can’t wait to use this app in the spring and summer 🙂


Veggie Lovers Recipes

Great recipes for cooking sans meat.


Vegetarian Cookbook and Restaurant Locator!

Also a great recipe app that includes a restaurant locator.


VeganYumYum Mobile

Corresponding app to the wildly popular vegan cookbook, “Vegan Yum Yum.” Includes a link to everything from homemade veggie stock to cherry cupcake pies – all vegan.


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