iPhone Apps For ‘True Blood’ Fans

May 31, 2010

With the third season’s premiere just around the corner (June 13th) it’s no doubt that True Blood fans are counting down. Help pass the time with these TB devoted iPhone apps.

True Blood Quiz

Try your luck and stake (get it?) claim amongst your friends as the biggest True Blood fan with this quiz. There are various levels so TB n00bs have just as much a chance as the veterans. Also included: Access to the Tru Blood forums, real time IM chat, group chat and auto save! Stop in the middle of the game and tune in later, right where you left off!



This is a weird one, but true fans might appreciate it. This app is a virtual bottle of True Blood. Choose your type (blood type that is) and get your own bottle of synthetic blood (without the after taste.) Just tilt and watch the blood disappear as if you’re drinking the real thing.


Dead Until Dark (Audiobook)

Catch up with Sookie and her friends in the books that started it all. These audiobooks (though more expensive than the real thing) are convenient if you like to read on your iPhone. You can listen offline and don’t have to worry about losing your place. This app comes with automatic bookmarking. Phew! Other titles available include A Touch Of Dead and Dead and Gone.



With this app you’ll be able to view schedules, episode guides, video clips and photos of HBO’s shows. It also offers direct links in-app to download episodes via iTunes or Amazon.com when available.

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