iPhone Apps For The Shrek Fan!

May 28, 2010

Shrek: Forever After comes out this week. Since I’m a huge fan of Shrek in general, here are a few apps that are Shrek-themed.

Shrek Forever After- Kids’ Book HD

Read the story of the movie! You or your child can either read the words out loud or have the story read to you!


Shrek Forever After™ : The Game

The fun of this game is all in the graphics and the fact that the characters come to life thanks to their real voices being used! Play as Shrek, Donkey or Puss In Boots and enjoy flying, kicking and fighting through levels!


Shrek Kart ® HD

I love this game! It’s like Mario Kart, one of my favorite old school games, but with my favorite movie characters. The graphics are fun and the game itself is awesome! A must own!


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