iPhone Apps For The Fisherman

May 13, 2010

These apps come highly recommended by my favorite anglers. They claim that these are the apps they use out on the boat to catch fish, remember hot spots and track their catch. If only the iPhone could bait their hooks, right?

Gone Fishing

The fishermen I know swear by this app for several reasons: it lets you keep copious notes of your successes, has GPS technology that allows you to mark your hotspots and lets you keep a running record of your personal records when it comes to number of fish caught, weight and type of fish. A perfect app for the serious angler!


Fishing Knots

Step-by-step instructions for those tricky knots needed out on the boat!


Flick Fishing HD

This game, which allows you to pick different reels and “cast” just like you would out on the boat is perfect for those days and nights when you just can’t get out on the water.


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