iPhone Apps for Pianists

Jun 20, 2010

The iPhone is capable of teaching us all sorts of tricks and talents. From ukulele and guitars to the drums and sax. This list will help anyone who’s interested in the piano.


Pianist is a virtual piano for your iPhone. It includes a full 88 key piano keyboard. You can record and save your compositions for later playback.



Pianochords helps you easily look up keyboard and piano chords, including majors, minors, flats and sharps.



Practice your piano skills while on the go. PianoTutor displays a random note and you have to play the note as fast as you can.


Beethoven / Piano Lesson PianoMan Classic

Think Guitar Hero, but with a piano and classical music. Song list includes many of Beethoven’s “hits.” Great for beginners and experts.



iComposer lets you record whatever tune you’re humming and it will transcribe the melody to music. You can then playback the song with any instrument, including piano, organ, drums, guitar, etc.



When this app starts, it will play a random note. Listen to the note, then try to play the same note. Great for beginners.


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