iPhone Apps for Nursing Students

Jun 4, 2010

Would you believe that there are a ton of apps for nursing students? These are just a handful, but before grabbing that giant text book, check out these nursing-focused apps.


SymptomMD ($2.99) helps you make decisions on what level of care (if any) is needed and how to provide relief for minor illnesses and injuries. It includes more than 100 visual images to help you identify symptoms, injuries and common causes of bites & stings.


Epocrates References & Tools for Healthcare Providers: Drugs, Dosing, Interactions, Guidelines, Medical Calculators & More

Epocrates (free) includes a drug guide, formulary information and drug interaction checker. Also includes free updates and medical news.


ICE – In Case of Emergency

ICE ($.99) allows you to store all your ICE contacts, medications, allergies on your iPhone. You can also create a wallpaper with your ICE contact number and a message. Best part: emergency information is available, even if the phone is locked.


Mosby’s iTerms Flash Cards for Medical Terminology

With Mosby’s ($39.99) flash cards, you’ll be able to master all the prefixes, suffixes, combinations and abbreviations used to build medical terms. It’s costly, but better than carrying around 100+ flashcards.


Kaplan NCLEX-RN Medications Flashcards

Kaplan’s ($9.99) provides more than 300 medication flashcards including their common names, phonetic pronunciation, drug category, use/treatment, side effects, and patient considerations.


Nursing Central

Nursing Central (free) is a great resource for both nursing students and professionals. It’s full of incredible resources and content from other nurses. The app is free, but it requires a paid subscription.

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First Aid Pocket Guide

First Aid Pocket Guide ($.99) helps you treat anything from a burn or a sting to eye injuries and broken bones.


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