iPhone Apps for Nintendo Fans

Jun 20, 2010

Some might say that Nintendo should keep one eye fixed on Apple, but so should you! The App Store has some great apps for both old school and new Nintendo fans.

Nintendo DS Cheat Codes

I don’t support cheating (say the girl who memorized the invincibility cheat for Aladdin on Sega), but just in case you find yourself stuck, this app provides access to over 25,000 cheat codes, game hints, unlockables, achievements and other secrets.


NES SoundBox

Reminisce about your favorite NES games. iNES includes sounds from Super Mario Bros, Pacman, Contra, Darkwing Duck, Dr. Mario, Duck Hunt, Metroid, Zelda and more.


Super Marrio Jump

The point is to jump from platform to platform while trying to collect coins for extra points. Surprisingly addictive/entertaining.


iZelda – Zelda Soundbox

iZelda includes 5 themes (Title, Overworld, Labyrinth, The Final Labyrinth and Closing) and 12 SFX sounds, including Bomb drop, sword, and triforce.


NES Collectors Guide

This app offers a list of games available with details, screenshots and details of their value. Great for flea-market goers or video game store browsers.


Super Mario Brothers Soundboard

Perfect for SMB fans. Sounds include music from the first-fourth levels, flag pole, vine, extra life, fireball, brick, etc.


Duck Hunt Soundboard

Who doesn’t love Duck Hunt?! Sounds include dog barking, duck, dog laugh, and the main theme.


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