iPhone Apps For Jersey Shore Fans!

Sep 18, 2010

It’s the reality show we all love to hate, but if you tell me you’ve never seen an episode, I won’t believe you. For those of you die-hard fans, these apps are for you.

Jersey Shore Party App

Find out how many calories you burn by fist-pumping, generate a nickname and play some house music to battle to in the club!


MTV’s Jersey Shore: Spread Snooki

Add Snooki and her famous pouf to any photo. Pickles not included.


MTV’s Jersey Shore City Guide

Find out where the cast parties! Check out the city that’s been made famous by the cast!


MTV’s Jersey Shore Yourself

Want to take on that orange glow made famous by Gym, TAN, Laundry? Get orange with this app.


The Situation – Official App

If you’re more of a Mike fan than a Snooki fan, than don’t miss his “official” app, which allows you to Facebook message him, includes a workout plan to get his enviable abs and provides a list of notable quotes by The Situation himself.


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