iPhone Apps for Hikers

Jun 16, 2010

I’ve been on one real hike in my life — it was just outside Madrid, Spain, and a bunch of us college kids got tricked into signing up for a “nature walk” turned REALLY REALLY HARD UPHILL HIKE. If only I had these apps back then…

AccuTerra – On Demand Maps & GPS Tracker

Here’s a no-brainer for hiking n00bs: BUY A TRAIL MAP. This free app lets you browse through the maps and purchase the one(s) you need.



This augmented reality map overlays information like altitude, bearing, horizontal/vertical inclination, and other terms I don’t understand through the iPhone’s live camera image. I would suppose this is helpful when hiking?



Because sometimes moss DOESN’T grow on the north side of the tree.


Wilderness Survival Skills, a Sierra Club deck of Knowledge Cards published by Pomegranate Communications

Learn about survival skills in this fun Q&A format. Just make sure you do it BEFORE the hike so that you’re not flipping through irrelevant information while you’re being chased by a bear.


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