iPhone Apps for Freelancers

Apr 29, 2010

These apps won’t complete your work for you, but they will make it a little easier to survive in the freelance world.


Jott is a voice-to-text transcription service. You can also post to Google Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Features include voice-to-text notes, email and text reminders, to-do lists and group messaging. Jott does require a monthly or yearly subscription on Jott.com – they have some options.



reQall allows you to capture tasks and ideas with your voice. It integrates with Evernote and organizes information with Outlook or Google Calendar.


Mocha VNC

Mocha VNC allows you to remotely manage another computer – works with Windows or Mac. You can see files and programs as if you were in front of that computer. It’s a little slow and awkward, but gets simple tasks done.



ShapeWriter allows you to enter text by tracing word shapes instead of typing. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it’s surprising how quickly you can draft an email. This is a base version – you can add email and texting support, copy and paste, search and back-up through an in-app purchase.


Instapaper Free

If you’re like me, you get your inspiration by reading. Sometimes you don’t always have time to go through an entire article. This comes in handy when I’m on Twitter and click on a link to an article. Normally I would favorite the tweet, but I never remember to go back. With Instapaper, I can mark the post “read later” and do just that. I can read it later, even when I’m offline.

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You run into a lot of people, especially at networking events, coffee shops, etc. Instead of grabbing a business card or jotting down all of their info, just use Bump. Bump makes it easy to quickly swap contact information by literally bumping two iPhones.


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