iPhone Apps for Cupcake Lovers

Aug 26, 2011

Make cupcakes, send cupcakes, love pictures of cupcakes – these apps are perfect for cupcake lovers!

Cupcakes! Bake & Decorate

Create your own cupcakes by mixing and matching cakes, frostings, toppings, and liners.



Build a cupcake and then share with your friends! You can choose from various cakes, icings, toppings, candles, and even light the candle!


Cupcake Makeover

Make cupcakes for yourself or to share with a friend. Choose from different designs, cakes, frostings, etc – this app is so cute!


CupCake Maker

Make virtual cupcakes, pick toppings, sprinkles, etc., and send to your friends! You can send via Facebook and Twitter, or print later.


Cupcake Connect

Game. Connect matching cupcakes!


Angry Cupcakes

HILARIOUS. Throw rolling pins at angry cupcakes. Amazing.


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