iPhone Apps for Comic Lovers

Jul 5, 2010

I’m not one to ditch a book for my iPhone, but if you just have to read your comics digitally, here are a few apps to help you get started.

DC Comics

Download and geek-out with your favorite comics via their weekly updates or their library of “legendary” classics. Enjoy the guided view (animated panel-by-panel) or classic view.


Marvel Comics

Not to be out-done by DC, Marvel offers hundreds of comics available for download, both in guided or classic view. Back up your downloads with your marvel.com account.


Archie Comics

The Archie Comics app offers more than 50 titles with more being added all the time.


XKCD Comic Reader

View the awesome XKCD webcomic anywhere. Shaking your phone will display a random comic, but you an input the number of a specific comic or just use the in-app navigation.



ComiXology is a comic-tracking app. See what’s coming to local comic book stores, listen to interview podcasts and review pages from many comics each week.



Comics is a (duh) comic book reader with titles from more than 15 publishers, except Marvel and DC. It also gives you an opportunity to provide feedback or locate a comic shop nearby.


Comic Reader Mobi

This is on the pricey side, but it’s one of the only apps that allows you to see the entire page and clearly read the text. It also offers support for zips and PDFs, and allows you to easily transfer them with USB support.


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