iPhone apps for coffee lovers

Jul 9, 2010

Anyone addicted to their iPhone can understand the addiction to caffeine. So never be too far away from life’s favorite pick-me-up: coffee!

Dunkin’ Run

Great for anyone in charge of coffee runs. Invite friends to the order. Their orders are integrated onto a single page and the coffee gopher brings that (or his mobile) to Dunks. This can also be used a checklist to make sure everyone gets what they ordered.


Starbucks Card Mobile

I LOVE this app! It was easy to register my Starbucks giftcard and now I can see the balance of my card at a glance. It even shows the design on my card. You can use your Starbucks Card Mobile app to pay with your iPhone at various Starbucks and Target locations. You can search for participating stores through the app. I can also reload my card’s balance via the app. It’s so convenient.



Anyone who has been going to Starbucks regularly won’t use many of its features (since they probably have their drink menu memorized.) But to a n00b like me, this is great because I’m still discovering the wonderful world of coffee. After launching the app, by default you’ll fall on the map so you can find all of the Starbucks in your area. You can also build your own drink, search through all of their coffee blends and even look through the different food options they offer. It’s a pretty helpful app that’s quick and easy to use.



CoffeeTalk is a dictionary of coffee house lingo. I don’t understand what most people are saying at Starbucks. But this app has made me feel more comfortable when ordering. No more embarrassing myself in front of the barista.

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Where Is Coffee?

Craving something other than Starbucks? Where is Coffee? will help you find other coffee shops in your area when the craving takes hold.


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