iPhone Apps For Beatles Fans

May 31, 2010

Although The Beatles have taken over our stereos and TVs, Beatlemania is slow-moving when it comes to the iPhone. There aren’t many official apps (yet), but these are a great place to start.

Beatles Trivia – KnowPro

Whether you’re just tuning in or have been a fan for a while, this trivia game is full of fun facts about the Beatles.


Pat Matthews’ Beatles-A-Rama!!!

Beatles-A-Rama!!! is an offshoot of an existing radio station that streams Beatles songs and related tracks. Because it’s streaming, you can’t choose tracks on Demand.


Beatles Walk London

So you might need to be in London to get the full effect, but don’t worry if you can’t. This app still comes packed full of information. So even if you can’t walk in the footsteps of The Beatles, you can still learn about their history.


The ‘Beatles’

This app is less interactive and more of a marathon read. It contains information about every Beatles single and album. The text has been increased for easy reading.


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