iPhone Apps For Art History Newbies

Sep 17, 2010

While I enjoy looking at art, I cannot say I know very much about it. In fact, I know next to nothing. Here are some apps I downloaded to help improve my knowledge.

Love Art: National Gallery, London

This incredible app gives a guided tour of the National Gallery in London, England. With famous pieces by Renoir, Da Vinci and a variety of other artists, plus audio and visual guidance to each piece, this app is a true asset to those hoping to learn more. Plus, unlike the real thing, the description encourages you to “touch the art”. How cool is that?



Learn to recognize which artists painted each great work with this app which shows a work, and then asks you to guess which artist created it! A fun game that broadens your knowledge of the classics at the same time!


Art History Test

Take quizzes, and study with flashcards to bone up on your Art History knowledge. A great way to learn and have fun.


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