iPhone App Video Review: Where’s Waldo?

Mar 10, 2011

Books like Where’s Waldo? made up such a huge part of my childhood. Well thanks to modern technology I now have the chance to get the Where’s Waldo? experience right on my iPhone. The gamesticks one hundred percent true to it’s original art and design with the same characters returning and themes.

The game plays out in a story mode where you will travel from land to land accomplishing different tasks. The game was a little hard to work through on the iPhone’s small screen, but the way it highlighted only a portion of the map for me to check helped in finding the small object or person I was looking for.

The game added some nice touches like the animations and voiceovers which brought the world even more alive than before. It also provides the option to explore the world instead of following a storyline so you can enjoy whatever theme you would like.

Overall, the game was definitely a fun one and was a great throwback to childhood. Check it out

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Erik Fikkert

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