iPhone App Video Review: Warhammer Quest

Jun 5, 2013

Originally an epic tabletop board game, Warhammer Quest has always been a great tactical adventure game. But in the hands of Rodeo Games, the tactical game experts behind Hunters and Hunters 2, it becomes one of the most polished and fun strategy RPG’s around, with great art, loads of lore, and a simple but well written story. There are some annoying quirks to the game, but this really has it all, and should not be skipped.

Playing as four heroes, a savage Marauder, a Dwarven Iron-Breaker, an elven Waywatcher, and a Grey Wizard, you’ll start an epic series of quests and dungeon crawls, fending off goblins, orcs, trolls, spiders, and more. Combat is fairly fast paced, considering the genre, but more importantly it’s fun. Especially when you manage to string together several one shot kills on large groups of enemies, which happens pretty often. You feel like your party really is a group of seasoned warriors, even at level one.

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The framework is pretty standard. You’ll go to towns which act as hubs for shopping, training, and praying, with various story missions as well as optional missions springing forward from each town. By spending some gold and praying at the Temple’s, a character can receive special gifts and bonuses for the next quest. Things start out slow, but soon you’re picking up loads of loot, and while the customization options aren’t too complex or numerous, you can fully customize the load-out of each hero.

The interface is pretty intuitive for the most part. There is a massive journal full of info, from skills to lore and other fun flavor texts. Interestingly, you access the inventory screen at any time by simply turning your iDevice into portrait mode, turning back to landscape to continue play. This is nifty on an iPhone, but cumbersome on an iPad, for obvious reasons. What I especially loved about this game was not the beautiful environments, epic tone setting soundtrack, or well rendered and animated characters and enemies, but the way the story unfolds. You have a few choices to make, and can encounter random events while traveling between towns and dungeons. Everything is well written, and unfolds exactly like a good session of Dungeons and Dragons would.

If you’d like, you can purchase extra heroes through IAP, including a vicious Troll Hunter or powerful Archmage. There is also a small expansion of enemies and dungeons available, along with IAP gold if you’re interested. There are some random events that make you lose gold, like a party member getting drunk and splurging, or the occasional robbery, which is a little shadier next to the IAP, but it was all inoffensive and mostly served to add immersion and keep things interesting. If you like tactical games, tabletop RPG’s, and everything in between, you’ll love Warhammer Quest. It’s iOS Universal, and you can download it now for five dollars. Rodeo Games has done it again.

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