iPhone App Video Review: Videoscope

Feb 15, 2011

One of my favorite toys to play around with when I was very little was a kaleidoscope my grandmother gave me. Still to this day the small devices continues to dazzle little children and even adults. Well now you can enjoy a kaleidoscope experience right from your iPhone and iPod Touch with the Videoscope app.

The app comes with a few different settings to choose from but the real reason you’ll download this app is for the awesome kaleidoscope effects. The app makes use of both your front and back camera and makes live images from the video.

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You can pause the video or import a photo from your library to keep a solid image. From there, you can rotate your phone like a kaleidoscope to watch the patterns evolve. The app gives you the option to save your creations or email them straight to a friend. This makes for some awesome iPhone wallpapers and created a ton of sweet looking images.

I highly recommend checking this app out. The only complaint I had was that the other features weren’t as cool. But it’s definitely worth the download.

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