iPhone App Video Review: Velocirapture

Jun 29, 2012

Velocirapture is the latest endeavor from Adult Swim and Pik Pok, a partnership which has brought us the likes of Extinction Squad and Monsters Ate My Condo. It’s another hilarious concept with simple gameplay and nice cartoon art, as we’ve come to expect from this pairing of developer and publisher. Anyone looking for a quirky casual title has come to the right place.

Not to offend anyone, but ever since the “Raptor Jesus” internet meme, this kind of game seemed to be an inevitability. You play as the literal hand of god during the rapture and the end of times, except that you, the people, and the world are all dinosaur themed. It’s up to you, using simple swiping and tapping gesture controls, to save all of the green dinosaurs and to violently smite all of the red dinos. I guess this dinosaur god is a little racist. Letting green dinos die or letting red dinos jump into heaven will cause you to lose glory, and once you run out, you lose.

This simple concept quickly evolves into something much more chaotic and awesome. New dinosaurs enter the fray, such as the angry jock red dinos who randomly kill green ones, or the flying red ones who catch green dinos and do the same. There are even dinosaurs that convert red to green and green to red. You can also collect red dino souls after smiting them, which let you use one of three super smite attacks. Throughout the story mode and the endless modes, this game is a lot of fun, and always getting more challenging, even if it’s a bit repetitive.

The art style is fantastic, and the epic music is exactly what you would expect of an ‘end of the world, judgment of god’ kind of scenario. Game Center achievements and leaderboards are supported for some added replayability, and all in all, this is a great game. It’s not perfect, and sometimes it can feel a little too chaotic, but I still fully recommend it. Velocirapture is iOS Universal and available for one dollar at the time of this review.

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