iPhone App Video Review: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard

Mar 22, 2011

The Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series has been around for years and has seen quite a few different iterations. The game has literally defined the counter-terrorist genre for shooters and has an impressive collection of titles to back it up. The latest in the series makes its way to the iPhone as Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard.

This app tries to implement a lot of the gameplay elements found in some of the top first person shooters on the iPhone while still keeping the feel of Rainbow Six. It includes a full campaign, co-op, and online multiplayer.

The game implements a cover system, which is pretty traditional for modern Rainbow Six games. It plays extremely similar to Modern Combat 2 and has almost identical controls.

One issue I did notice were a definitely less-than-ideal smoothness problem. The game didn’t seem to run perfectly on my phone and it ruined those moments where I needed precision. The other large issue was that the characters move so fast in the multiplayer that cover is essentially pointless. By the time you take cover and start to peek out, the enemy player has already run over to you and sprayed bullets everywhere.

Overall, the game is well-made but completely misses the mark for being an actual hardcore shooter for the iPhone. Definitely check it out for some awesome co-op fun, but the multiplayer will leave you wanting more.

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