iPhone App Video Review: To-Fu 2

Sep 15, 2011

To-Fu 2 is a great puzzle title from HotGen. It’s basically a massive update and level pack for the original game, To-Fu: Trials of Chi. Not a lot has changed or been redesigned, but tons of new levels and lots of content have been added to the game.

You play as a piece of Tofu who is practicing the ancient art of To-Fu, I suppose. The only way to move Tofu about is to stretch him out and launch him away from the ground; there is no walking of any kind. You have to bounce around, collecting chi and avoiding spikes. Along the way you’ll deal with portals, bouncy metal surfaces, slippery glass surfaces, crumbling blocks, and so on. It does not take long for all of the mechanics from the first game to be re-introduced, and not many new mechanics are added. Honestly, this is basically just a great big massive level pack for the first game, but when you get a hundred levels out of the deal, that’s OK.

There are several in-app purchases to make, from costumes and dojo themes to the more practical unlocking of every level, which is great if you get stuck on a level or want to skip around as you complete them. The Dojo is just this area that you kind of hang out, I’m not sure what to do with it. Game Center achievements and leaderboards are also supported.

The art and music, while still very well done, does not differ much from the original. Like I keep saying, this doesn’t really feel like a sequel, but you’re still getting plenty of quality content for your money, and it’s definitely well worth it. It’s just as hard as ever to make Tofu go exactly where you think you’re aiming. It’s just as satisfying as ever when you finally do pull off the big chain reaction moves. The app is iOS universal, and I feel like playing on an iPad would help your accuracy immensely. This is definitely a quality title worth the money if you’re a fan of the first, for only one dollar. Check it out.

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Andrew Koziara

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