iPhone App Video Review: Thor Son of Asgard

May 24, 2011

The Mighty Thor has finally arrived on the iPhone and iPad in Thor: Son of Asgard. Released to coincide with the recent movie, this beat-em-up offers some slick graphics, an all-new story, and of course, the chance to play as Thor, the god of thunder.

I would call this the dreaded movie-tie-in game, created for a quick cash grab and nothing more, but it’s really a little bit more than that. The story doesn’t seem have anything to do with the movie, and is actually an original story by a Marvel Comics writer. This is really more for fans of the comic than of the movie. But how does it hold up?

The combat is your standard repetitive button-mashing, and it can get really tedious. The controls aren’t exactly top of the line either. It’s hard to pull off the very few combos that you have available to you. Another issue I have is that there are no upgrades in the game whatsoever, which is really common for an action game like this. Your strategy will quickly devolve into the same earthquake-lightning strike combo, over and over and over. Despite the mediocre combat, I was compelled to play on just so I could see all the wondrous worlds of Thor’s universe. The environments are colorful and really stand out. The original story sequences are done like a comic book, and actually have some great voice acting to go along with them.

Despite all of this though, all the little nods and unlockables for us comic fans make it a little more worthwhile, from the comic book covers you find as collectibles to the original Jack Kirby costume for Thor. This game will not be for everyone, and if you hate repetitive combat, or think that all this comic business is nonsense, you should probably stay away. If you’re willing to give this one a chance, it’ll cost you $5. Check it out.

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Andrew Koziara

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