iPhone App Video Review: Tennis in the Face

Jan 30, 2013

If you prefer your physics puzzlers with a bit of snark and insanity over the usual cutesy-wutesy type stuff, then boy do I have the game for you! Tennis in the Face puts you in the tennis shoes of Pete Pagassi (a mash-up of tennis legends Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi), a former pro player who now teaches pre-school tennis class, as he tries to bring down an evil energy drink company called Explodz armed with only his wicked forehand. I should also mention that this was brought to us by 10tons, who also brought us Azkend and Boom Brigade.

The first batch of levels pits you against the Explodz circus and its many clowns, but soon after you deal with hipsters, riot police, mad scientists, and more as you try to free the city from the grasp of the addictive and explosive drink. Your only goal is to take out every enemy in a level, preferably by hitting them in the face with a tennis ball. You can also blow them up with Explodz crates, drop heavy stuff on them, or take them out with crazy chain reactions. Often you’ll discover these chain reactions completely by accident, and feel totally impressed with yourself for some reason.

The mechanics stay nice and varied throughout. Eventually you’re dealing with panes of glass that eat your ball, tubes of tightly packed tennis balls that launch when hit, vending machines, etc. Every new enemy that comes along brings new tactics, such as the police with their shields, or scientists with their hazmat suits. There are bonus games as well for collecting coins and such.

The cartoon visuals are colorful and pretty hilarious, and the game has great music and a unique sense of style. It is also literally and figuratively balls to the wall in just about every way, and while it’s not a particularly deep game, it is well crafted with an excellent physics engine. All in all, this is just a really polished time waster that is more than worth downloading to kill some time. Game Center achievements and leaderboards make an appearance, and you can download this iOS Universal game for just one dollar at the time of this review!

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