iPhone App Video Review: Temple Run: Brave

Jun 22, 2012

Imangi Studios has returned with an all-new version of their endless runaway hit, Temple Run. And by that, I really mean all-new aesthetics, and not much new gameplay at all. This is Temple Run: Brave, a re-skinned version of the modern classic promoting Pixar’s latest fantastical tale, Brave. Other than the new look, there have been relatively few gameplay tweaks, but despite that, I’d definitely recommend this one overall, despite the criticisms.

I don’t know how many upgrades and power-ups you unlocked in the original Temple Run, but I hope you enjoyed doing it enough to do it all over again. Gameplay still consists of an endless run through a physics defying wilderness, jumping and sliding around obstacles, collecting coins, and nabbing power-ups. There is one truly new addition in the form of the archery sections. You’ll have to tap either side of the screen to hit targets, each one awarding you with extra coins. Get all of them, and even more bonuses will be yours. I really liked this relatively simple addition to the game. It helps you gain coins a bit faster, which older fans might appreciate, and these areas are obstacle free, leading to a nice respite from the otherwise hectic swiping.

Aside from that, the only gameplay changes come in minor tweaks to the upgrade values. Completing various objectives will give you a bigger score multiplier, and objectives are also divided into sections, with each one unlocking a part of a painting. The same extras, like wallpapers and skins, are still in the store, and IAP is always an option if you’re lazy. Some people are reporting unresponsive controls, but I really honestly didn’t feel they were any better or worse than the original game. In fact, I have yet to run into certain bugs that made me put down the original in the first place. It probably varies from device to device, though.

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I love the new aesthetics, and not just because Pixar is straight up awesome. Like the original, they base everything of a small color palate, and the models and animations are all improved. The new music is much more exciting and indicative of adventure, whereas the old music was exciting in more of a “Oh god these demon monkey’s are going to eat my face!” kind of way. I could really do without Merida’s constantly recycled lines of commentary, though. Oddly enough, Game Center leaderboards and achievements aren’t supported at all. Temple Run: Brave is iOS Universal and available for one dollar at the time of this review. Many, many people felt ripped off downloading this,  being mostly a re-skin. In my honest and genuine opinion, the original Temple Run was good enough to be worth at least one dollar if not more, even if it was free. I have no issues continuing to support this awesome studio.

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