iPhone App Video Review: Supermagical

Aug 31, 2012

Supermagical from Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team (no really, that’s the name of the studio) is a colorful modern take on the classic colored bubble bursting gameplay of Bust-a-Move, but rotated ninety degrees. It adds a lot to the main experience, from the often humorous story and characters, the gorgeously colorful art, fun mini-games, and fleshed-out world. It doesn’t innovate quite as much as it could, but the overall experience more than makes up for it.

You play as Nina, a clumsy but powerful young witch who is being raised in a wizardry school by several powerful warlocks. One day, while performing a spell, she does something wrong and ends up releasing hundreds of little round things called the Minix from another dimension; the same dimension that her seven supposedly evil sisters were sent. It’s up to you to send all the Minix back, along with your siblings, one by one, saving the world.

Gameplay is pretty much what you’d expect. You move a slider along the side of the screen to adjust your aim, releasing to fire. Matching three or more of a color on a shot will make them all pop. The color of your shots are pre-set, but you can change them using special candies bought in stores. Plenty of the classic Bust-a-Move bubbles return, such as the bomb or the indestructible stone Minix. Along your journey, you’ll face your sisters in relatively simple but entertaining dialogue battles, always releasing one of your mentors in the process. Each mentor has their own special spell that you can deploy using a special soda, from devouring any three Minix or sucking every Minix of one color into a huge vortex.

Overall, the gameplay is pretty standard when you boil everything down, but all the other elements are just entertaining or distracting enough that you might not notice. It’s always fun using a mentor’s power. I really adore the art style of this game too. The world is very vibrant and easy on the eyes. I also liked how your sisters are basically the seven dwarves, and barely seem evil at all, just incompetent. This iOS universal arcade game is currently available for just one dollar, which it is more than worth.

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Andrew Koziara

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