iPhone App Video Review: Starfront Collision

Feb 23, 2011

The iPhone has never really been known to host any quality real-time strategy games, though we’ve seen a few. Lately, there have been some excellent attempts at recreating the experience and one of the games leading that push is Starfront: Collision.

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Gameloft developed this game and, as such, you can expect a complete copy of another popular title on the market. This latest game is based on the popular RTS game StarCraft II and I have to say, they pretty much nailed it for a mobile phone.

One of the largest problems for this genre on the device is managing all of the various gameplay elements on a small screen. Starfront handles this expertly and really does bring the complete RTS experience to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

There is even a multiplayer offering that lets you take on another player in a battle of wits. Definitely check this app out. The basic version is available for free and you can always upgrade to the app in its full glory.

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