iPhone App Video Review: SimplePhysics

Apr 1, 2011

SimplePhysics is a game created by developer Andrew Garrison. The game is a physics building game and at the time of this review, was sitting comfortably in the Top 25 games in the App Store. The point of the game is to build the required structure with the least amount of money possible.

The game comes with 5 levels to play through each with its own challenge to overcome. Players will need to put their thinking caps on to solve these puzzles as there is nothing easy about them. Each piece added the structure costs money. Using too much will put you over your budget and using too little could potentially topple your building.

The game has a very easy interface and with online leaderboards, you will always have a top score to beat. The game lets you test your creations using your finger or the required weights, but that’s where it fell apart in my opinion (pun intended).

The physics definitely did not seem correct and many times a structure that made sense in my head did not react accordingly. This could have been my mistake but it was frustrating nonetheless. Combined with a paltry 5 levels to play through, this app just barely earns its cheap price. If you like to solve engineering puzzles, this may be a good app, but I’m going to recommend you steer clear.

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Erik Fikkert

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