iPhone App Video Review: Siegecraft

Oct 18, 2011

Siegecraft is a new fixed turret game from Blowfish Studios and Crescent Moon Games. Crescent Moon is becoming one of my favorite publishers due to quality apps they keep putting out. Siegecraft is an excellent game with amazing visuals, but it’s also very slow-paced and has its fair share of issues.

The game sets Knights, Vikings, and Samurai against each other in all-out war. The campaign missions are full of variety, and the game never gets too repetitive. One mission you’ll be defending a castle, the next you’ll have to destroy a bridge, and the next will have you fighting off a zombie horde. Some missions ask you to kill a certain number of enemies while others are about defense. Your rating for each mission is based on the amount of points you scored, your accuracy rating, and how much time it took you. Each of those three variables is worth a star. You’re also rewarded coins, which can be used to buy upgraded turrets or special ammunition. A big plus for me is that every single campaign mission is available to play from the get go, as well as the endless mode. There is also an online multiplayer mode to enjoy.

The three weapons in your arsenal are the fast shooting crossbow, slow throwing catapult, and eventually, after you unlock it, the Trebuchet. The game’s controls will seem familiar to everyone, as this game is basically a violent, bloody, realistic, and three dimensional version of Angry Birds. The controls are very touchy and when you have to lead targets and take the travel time of projectiles into account, it can really mess you up. You get used to the aiming eventually, but it just feels off to me. You can turn off the aim assist to get a big coin bonus if you’re feeling skilled. It’s probably a good idea to learn to play without aim assist, because you’ll be grinding coins forever if you want the coolest upgrades. The special ammunition adds a lot of variety to the gameplay, but you’ll never want to buy any because you’re saving for upgrades. You can also just buy coins through in-app purchases if you don’t want to earn them.

The game’s visuals are outstanding, and everything is well done. The game needs a serious coat of polish though. There are still plenty bugs or questionable design choices that need fixing. Luckily, the developers have been patching this thing like mad since it came out. Even with those issues, this game is still totally excellent. If you don’t like slow-paced gameplay, this game might not appeal to you as much, though. It’s iOS universal and supports Game Center leaderboards, and it’s currently on sale for only a dollar down from three. It’s a steal at that price, so hurry up and snag it you thieves.

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