iPhone App Video Review: Scribblenauts Remix

Oct 13, 2011

Scribblenauts has finally made it to iOS devices in Scribblenauts Remix. Moving the series from a DS touchscreen with a stylus to an iPhone touchscreen feels like a natural progression, and a great move on the part of Warner Bros. This is a great entry in the series.

For the uninitiated, Scribblenauts is all about conjuring just about anything you can imagine by simply typing it in; anything other than most proper nouns and vulgar things. From policemen, helicopters, and ladders to robot unicorns, dragons, and the dark lord Cthulu. My first step in every level is to see if I can solve the puzzle with Cthulu, naturally. Adjectives work as well, so you can make giant rainbow robot animals if you want. The system is missing several creatures and objects, and sometimes you’ll need to think through several synonyms to get the object you really want, but it’s still a vast collection of words and a very impressive system.

Each level is simple. You just have to follow the instructions and solve the tasks. This can vary from supplying a school with equipment to destroying all the dinosaurs with the dark one instead of an asteroid. The puzzles start off very simple and eventually require insane creativity and ingenuity, but even those first simple puzzles have a multitude of solutions. The controls have always been a bit clunky in this series, but they don’t really distract form the fun of everything. Some intuitive additions have been added to the iOS version, such as using the iPhone’s touch keyboard, or the ability to shake the device like an Etch’n’Sketch to get rid of your most recently conjured objects.

The game features 40 of the best levels from the first two Scribblenauts games, hence the “remix” in the title, plus ten new levels just for the iOS. The art is better than ever and the music is excellent as always. The addition of Game Center achievements and leaderboards brings a lot to the game, and the achievements are very creative and fun. iOS 5 features such as iCloud are supported as well, and the app is iOS universal. Scribblenauts Remix can be yours for only five dollars. These games aren’t perfect, but they’re insanely inventive and unique, and everyone should give them a try. Besides, how many other games actually let you summon old gods at will?

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Andrew Koziara

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