iPhone App Video Review: Reckless Racing 2

Feb 6, 2012

It’s been over a year since the world was first introduced to Reckless Racing, and after some other projects, Polarbit Games and Pixelbite have finally revisited the intellectual property and given us Reckless Racing 2. This is a top notch sequel to an excellent rally racer, with great visuals, revamped UI, updated gameplay and plenty of content.

A lot has changed, and this is not the same beast as the original in several ways, but it’s still a high quality game and I still had a blast playing it!

The first thing most people will probably notice is the complete absence of the whole redneck/hillbilly theme of the first game. The whole concept has been relegated to some of the avatar pictures, maybe a billboard or two, and really nothing else. The core game is really the same, and this just illustrates a more serious turn for the series, but a lot of people will probably miss the southern music and “yee-haw’s” that one would often hear.

This game offers more game modes than ever before. You can play through the tournament filled career mode, earning loads of cash and unlocking all the various cars. You can play through a very linear arcade mode, matching specific cars with specific tracks rather than giving you a choice to create more controlled challenges. You can also play in any random single player event, or take your cars online and enjoy the multiplayer! The Career mode is very comprehensive, with tons of cups to win and loads of cars. The cars are also more customizable than ever, both on the outside and under the hood. There are a handful of achievements to earn, and you can buy extra cash through in-app purchases if you want a boost.

The gameplay itself has a totally different feel than the first. While still a very arcade experience at its core, the physics have been largely tweaked. There is a lot more realism in your turns and it’s much easier to lose speed or spin out. I enjoy the extra finesse and skill this adds to the game, but it’s far less “reckless” in nature. There are many control options to explore and other options to tweak to customize the experience for yourself.

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The HD visuals look better than ever. The game makes great use of the top down camera perspective to create some very memorable tracks. Some areas have you drive along the edge of massive cliff faces, and I felt an honest sense of vertigo looking over that edge. Also, I haven’t seen little 2-D pictures of people used in games since the original PlayStation era, and it was a nice touch. The interface has been completely revamped, and seems to take cues from the excellent Death Rally. The music is much more generic without the banjo plucking, but it’s still well done and sets the tone. This is a top notch rally racer. It’s iOS Universal, and it can be yours for five dollars. Definitely check this one out, especially if you’re a racing fan.

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