iPhone App Video Review: Punch Quest

Nov 3, 2012

RocketCat Games are quickly turning into one of my favorite developers. Mage Gauntlet was an impressively designed, streamlined action RPG experience that raised quite a few eyebrows. Their latest title, Punch Quest, is an excellent follow up. While it’s an endless runner mixed with a classic arcade beat-em up, the same elegant design and tastefully done pixel art style are present. The unique music is also worth noting. Also, hats. There are many hats.

Instead of a standard jump button, you’ll be dash-punching and upper-cutting your way through swathes of enemies in an action-packed sprint. Skeletons, zombies, imps, ogres, and more comprise your fist fodder. Each run starts you off at level one, with you leveling up as you play, along with your enemies. Eventually, through taking damage and other means, you’ll fill your special meter and go into a powered-up mode. Branching paths and mystery segments provide you with important choices and prolong replayability. Also, you can ride on a dinosaur that shoots a laser out of its mouth, among some other things. I’m not going to spoil too much for you. This game is full of bizarre and surprising moments as you discover new bosses and power-ups. Discovering these for yourself is half of the fun. Just remember…gnomes.

A lot of that randomness comes in the upgrade store, where you can select from two power skill lists, along with a super move and general passive upgrades. Some upgrades actually add more challenge, with proportionately scaled rewards. This is where you also buy hats, faces, and hair, and recolor your whole avatar. The commonly seen ‘three-rotating-objectives’ mission system is present, and it’s these missions that keep things interesting, tasking you with using new power-skills or super moves and experiencing all this game has to offer. The best part of all? This game is totally free. Sure, there’s an in-app purchase system for the in-game currency, but it’s so optional that you’ll never even notice. Punch Quest is iOS Universal, and you should play it now. Play Mage Gauntlet too. That game was awesome.

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