iPhone App Video Review: Ponx

Mar 8, 2011

Pong has been regarded as the grandfather of most modern games and really defined competitive gaming at a time when the term didn’t even exist. Throughout the years we’ve seen reiteration after reiteration of the classic game pop up on different platforms with many games still preserving the simplicity of the original.

Ponx is another Pong homage, but takes some liberties to add its own twist to the game. Players will be introduced to a high speed version of the game where the electronic music pounds and launches multiple balls according to the rhythm.

The game only comes in a Hard difficulty and up and that couldn’t be more true. The game is extremely hard to win as you must manage up to 18 balls on the screen at a time.

While the concept was a good one, it still lacked the variety we’ve come to expect in iPhone games. After a few rounds the experience grew pretty dull and even the crisp graphics and awesome music couldn’t keep me playing it. If you like pong, this may be a game to check out. But the lack of any multiplayer and a slim feature set make this one app to pass in my book.

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Erik Fikkert

With a heart for technology and its synergy with daily life, Erik has been involved in many different areas of media. He has composed music for film, designed branding for local companies and currently enjoys spending his days playing with iPhone apps and keeping up with the latest tech news.

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