iPhone App Video Review: Play Kalei

Apr 26, 2011

Play Kalei is a game created by the developer Chillingo. The app takes the concept of a kaleidoscope and turns it into a game. Players participate in a unique version of I-spy where the challenge isn’t to find a hidden object, but to find the hidden pattern inside the picture.

Each level displays an interesting scene with plenty of color variation. It is up to the players to drag their finger around the picture to create all different kinds of kaleidoscope shapes. Each time they find a match, the level goes to the next pattern until all three have been found. The goal is to finish it as fast as possible to earn up to three stars.

The game comes with plenty of levels to unlock and play through, but what makes it even more replayable is the option to use your own photos. Two players can also play against each other on the same device to see who can get the best score.

The game is compatible for both the iPhone and iPad. It’s available for a very cheap price so definitely check it out.

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Erik Fikkert

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