iPhone App Video Review: Photogram

Jun 16, 2011

Photogram is a new app from Timelines Inc, and it allows you to share storybook moments with your friends and family instantly as they happen. The app allows you to send up to four photos to your friends and family in a personalized photogram.

You start by selecting a profile picture that the recipients will see in all of your messages. Then you can make a photogram by selecting four photos from your iPhone library or by taking four new pictures right then and there. You then personalize it with an optional message to your recipients. Then you select a theme for the gram depending on the event you are trying to share, such as a graduation or wedding. I will personally always send food themed photograms, regardless of the pictures inside.

You can send these things out to individual emails, Facebook, or Twitter. Using email addresses you can create groups of people, like a family group for all those holiday photos, and a friends group for all those raunchy party photos. If you want, you can purchase even more themes from within the app for a dollar a pop, but that seems like a waste to me.

The idea is to pick the best photos of an event that really capture it well rather than send dozens upon dozens of photos to your friends. I guess this is a great app for sending photos to family members that might not be on social networking sites anyway, and is definitely better than sharing entire photo albums, but I wouldn’t get much use out of it. I don’t spend much time documenting my life, as you can see by the spider-man pictures I used. Obviously only get this if you love to share moments with distant relatives. This is a great app to make someone you care about smile.  The best part about the app is definitely the ability to instantly share memories as they are being formed; no waits and no super slow uploads. Also, the app is totally free. All you photo lovers should check this one out.

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