iPhone App Video Review: NyxQuest

Aug 17, 2011

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits is a great new game developed by Over the Top Games and published by Chillingo. It combines old school platforming with new school puzzle solving to create something unlike anything else you’ll find. This game definitely moves at a slower pace than most other games, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In the game, you are simply trying to rescue the love of your life, Icarus. I forget a lot of the details of the story due to not being able to re-watch the opening cut scene again without resetting my save, but the gist of it is he’s been kidnapped, and the gods are all just generally in some trouble. It’s up to you to save everything. The whole story is steeped in Greek mythology, if that wasn’t obvious. Your main guide throughout the game is good old Zeus, who even gives you some of his powers.

This game features not a double, not a triple, but a quintuple jump by way of flapping your wings. After five flaps you get too tired, until the second you hit the ground. By jumping and holding the button, you’ll be able to glide for a short amount of time. Using these abilities, you navigate obstacles and enemies. You’ll mostly have to deal with Harpies as enemies, with other enemy creatures being denoted by also being completely black. Eventually you’ll get a telekinesis ability from Zeus. Any glowing object can be manipulated by simply tapping and dragging them. It’s a ton of fun to surf on your controlled objects, but be careful not to drop heavy blocks on yourself. Magic fireballs can also be manipulated, and are your main line of defense against enemies. Using these abilities, you solve the games various puzzles.

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There are switches to press and broken blocks to destroy, as well as tricky timing puzzles involving telekinesis and jumping at the same time. Every level has secret items for you to find hidden in hard-to-reach areas. There are random jars with hearts in them, which you need to fireball or drop off a high fall to destroy. It’s odd how they seem to be heavier than massive ten ton stone blocks though.

The game’s art style and color palate are aesthetically pleasing. As I said, the game is slower paced than most games, with a focus on puzzle solving over precise platforming. Overall, it’s a great game, though as always, there are some annoyances. The main one is that you don’t stay invulnerable long enough after getting hit, and it’s easy to lose a ton of health all in one short sequence. The other annoyances aren’t even really worth mentioning. This is a great game which will only cost you one dollar. Check it out.

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