iPhone App Video Review: NBA Jam

Feb 14, 2011

One of my all-time favorite video games to play when I was a kid was NBA Jam. The game was perfect for doing cool moves against your friends and shoving them when they had the ball.

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EA recently released an updated version of the game for the Wii and now they have expanded that onto the iPhone and iPod Touch. Everything you would expect from an NBA Jam experience is still here. There are awesome two-man teams, insane dunks, and your characters can still get on fire.

There are even a ton of unlocks in the game just like the old game from back in the day. One feature that seems to be missing is the multiplayer. This is odd as the game was most known for how fun it was to play with friends.

Still, the game is extremely polished and really addicting to play.  It’s sitting in the App Store at a medium price so definitely check it out and see what kind of crazy dunks you can pull off. We can only hope a multiplayer update comes in the future and when it does, watch out.

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