iPhone App Video Review: Mini Motor Racing

Dec 13, 2011

Mini Motor Racing is the latest arcade racer from developers The Binary Mill. It’s a really fun and creative racer in the same style as Reckless Racing or Death Rally, except instead of being photo-realistic and violent, it’s colorful and features remote control cars.

The game is split into a career mode with 30 or so cups to play through, a quick race mode, and a multiplayer mode through local WiFi and Bluetooth. The game plays out like the aforementioned titles, with isometric camera angles looking down on the tracks in various ways. Acceleration is taken care of automatically, and you only have to deal with a steering wheel control stick and a nitro button. There are several control options to try out if you don’t like the default settings. Extra cash pickups and nitro boosts are randomly spawned on the track as you race, usually slightly off the beaten path, making them kind of tough to pick up.

Any money you pick up or win through career mode is used to buy new cars, or to buy upgrades for cars you already own. You can farm cash on easier races if things get too tough for you. There are a lot of cars to choose from, and many that you need to unlock by playing career mode. The game starts out extremely easy, but it doesn’t last. The enemy AI is very aggressive, and you’ll often have to fight through crowds of colliding cars. If you can pull out ahead of the pack, you’ll usually be fine as the AI fight amongst themselves. Cars with good handling seem to be vital, as taking turns smoothly and keeping up your momentum is often key.

The game’s simplistic and colorful visuals are great. The miniaturized tracks and cars are very endearing. Best of all, there are official Fruit Ninja themed levels using objects, sound effects, and music from the titular game. These tracks almost make the game worth it alone. It isn’t a super deep or compelling title, but it’s a blast to play. Game Center achievements and leaderboards as well as iCloud and AirPlay are supported. The game seems to be crashing for a lot of people, though I had no problems, so download with caution. This game can be yours for two dollars, or you can nab the HD iPad version for four.

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Andrew Koziara

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