iPhone App Video Review: Max and the Magic Marker

Mar 30, 2011

Max and the Magic Marker by developer Press Play is a puzzle platformer with some of the coolest gameplay I’ve seen on the iPhone yet. The game combines a mix of touch controls and on-screen drawing to bring an experience rarely seen on a mobile phone.

The large selling point for this app is that Max has found a Magic Marker that allows him to create whatever he can think to draw. The player’s job is to collect the various objects on the levels by drawing shapes and lines that will help Max jump to the hard-to-reach spots.

While the drawing aspect was extremely cool and made the game what it was, the controls for Max did feel a little bit off. The graphics in the game are in a drawn cartoon style which is definitely appropriate for the setting.

The music in the game fit perfectly and actually became one of the main ways the player was pulled into the game. At anytime, the player can freeze the game to draw something detailed though they need to be mindful of how much ink they have left. Players can recoup used ink by tapping on the marker or double tapping a specific piece.

Overall, the game was a definite buy in my book. The app is available for both the iPad and the iPhone but there is no free version to download. Check it out.

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