iPhone App Video Review: Look Again!

Apr 14, 2011

Look Again! is an app created by the developer Smappsoft. It’s essentially a shape recognition game where the goal is to identify a set of mixed shapes as fast as possible. In the center of the screen there is a jumble of lines and colors and it is your job to make sense of it all.

All around the screen there are various pieces that could be a part of the center mess, but only two or three of them will be the right ones. The player taps the pieces they think are a part of the center shape and then tap the shape to see how they did.

The game has over 250 different puzzles to play through which get increasingly harder as time goes on. Each level gives the player a set amount of time to guess the correct combination. It starts out pretty easy but soon into the game the shapes surrounding the center begin to rotate and hide themselves, making it harder to choose the right combination in the time given.

The graphics and sounds in the game aren’t anything special and the gameplay does get old pretty quickly. The game is available for both the iPad and iPhone as a universal app, but there is no free version to try out.

Overall, the game does provide some interesting moments that involve a lot of staring and second-guessing. If you like recognition games, this may be worth it for the small price.

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