iPhone App Video Review: Living Earth HD

May 17, 2011

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a James Bond villain? The kind with a giant holographic globe in your lair that shows you the whole planet at any one moment?  If so, then well, that’s kind of weird, and you should seek help. On the way though, you should download Living Earth HD – World Clock and Weather. It’s a really nifty little app for all the aspiring Dr. Evil’s of the world.

Living Earth HD lets you look at a real time representation of our little blue planet with accurate clouds and sunlight being shown at all times. The app is quite pretty just to look at, and it makes for a great toy. You can set any cities you’d like, in any country, to be your favorites, and you can scroll over to them at any time to see the time of day, current temperature, high and low temperatures, and even sunrise and sunset times. It also lets you decide on the little things, like whether to use Celsius over Fahrenheit, or km/h over MPH.

I don’t know how practical this app really is, as there are tons of weather-related apps out there. But I’m pretty sure none of them have the same “cool factor” as this one, it’s the kind of thing that just makes you go “Sweet!” Other than Michael Bay, I don’t know of anyone that needs an app to tell them that it is never daylight all around the planet at the same time. If you’ve seen Transformers or Armageddon, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The app isn’t very expensive, and I had a blast just messing around with it. Plus it’s a really interesting way to get the weekly weather. I’d definitely say to give this app the time of day.

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