iPhone App Video Review: King Cashing 2

Mar 18, 2013

The original King Cashing was something of a sleeper hit that garnered a serious cult following after its initial 2011 release. Now, Productions Multimage has come back with King Cashing 2, and it fixes all the flaws of the original game, and then some. Also, it adds more zombies. Nothing wrong with adding more zombies. It’s a crazy slot machine RPG with a unique battle system and an even more unique premise, and it should not be skipped over.

We rejoin King Cashing in modern times after he is awakened from his eternal sleep by some government agents. One thing leads to another, and our hero of the previous game is now leading a horde of the undead through our cities and homes. With seven different zombified heroes in your party, and loads of class specific weapons and perks, potions with interesting effects, plus a revamped leveling system, this game is sure to satisfy anyone who has ever felt the itch brought about by sweet game loot.

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The slot machine battle system is simple yet deep. Essentially, any of the three rows can lead to successful attacks, as long as one character, weapon, or combination of either is lined up with an enemy on the right hand side. Certain weapons match certain characters, like the ferocious animals with the animal tamer, and guns and explosives with the zombie Rambo, leading to massive critical damage that is essential for gold star ratings. I especially like the unique necromancer. He uses humans as weapons, and every time he hits an enemy, he turns one “miss” slot into another weapon slot. There is a lot of strategy that unfolds when it comes to party and weapon formations, especially as it pertains to tackling the very challenging secret bosses.

The visual novel story and interface is also pretty unique, blending everything in with the interface and gameplay in a cool way. The improved art style is colorful and excellent, and the writing is pretty funny as well. Especially from a situational perspective, as the King and his horde happen upon a smorgasbord of people in a zombie walk. While I am not sure this game will tickle your fancy like it did mine, I can say that it is very short on flaws, and deserves to be played. Thankfully, you don’t even really need to have played the first game. Game Center achievements and leaderboards are supported in this iOS Universal game, which you can download for just three dollars at the time of this review.

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