iPhone App Video Review: Key Ring Rewards Cards

Mar 16, 2011

If you are a frequent shopper you know how annoying it can be to carry all of the rewards cards in your wallet or on a keychain. They get in the way, take up space, are a hassle to get out, and eventually wear down and need to be replaced. Key Ring Rewards Cards makes your cards go digital.

The app scans your card’s barcode and lets you assign what store it is for. When the time comes to scan your card at the register, the app will generate a barcode for the employee to scan. If there is no barcode on your card, you can type in the details and enter your membership I.D.

The app is essentially your digital version of a wallet handling all the cards you would normally need to stuff in there. The app worked perfectly when I tried it though it might receive some confused looks from the cashier for a while until it becomes more mainstream.

This app has offers you can also take advantage of with a free account as well as a tight integration of location and contact information. Definitely check it out.

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