iPhone App Video Review: KAMI RETRO

Mar 15, 2011

Retro video games are still all the rage on the iPhone and iPod Touch, with a huge selection of games available to download. One of the latest to receive some attention is Kami Retro. The game popped up out of nowhere and quickly stole App of the Week in the App Store.

At first glance, the game doesn’t look like anything new, though the colors are definitely some of the brightest in a game. The look and feel of the game reminded me of Katamari though the gameplay is something completely different.

Essentially, you are trying to help the character reach his goal by creating a route you can jump through. As you progress through the levels, you will need to use various jumps and fans to reach platforms. Swiping the screen will change the character’s direction and swiping up diagonally will cause the character to jump. Each level has stars you will need to collect that will help your score and eventually work toward unlocking new levels. After playing through a good chunk of the game I started to lose interest, but I could see how it might be entertaining for some.

Overall, it’s a great game but not something I personally would recommend grabbing. Still, if you like platforming games, definitely check this one out.

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Erik Fikkert

With a heart for technology and its synergy with daily life, Erik has been involved in many different areas of media. He has composed music for film, designed branding for local companies and currently enjoys spending his days playing with iPhone apps and keeping up with the latest tech news.

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